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About Bailey's Bichons
 Hello, We are a small Family that Loves Bichon Frise.  
Bailey was our first Bichon, he was 10 weeks old when I brought him home I fell in Love with him, but my husband did not want a dog in the house. So I did everything I could to make things go smooth for the transition of our new family member. And it did not take long until Bailey Stole my husbands heart over. Bailey would go every where with us. If I was at work he was at a puppy sitters house or he went to work with my husband. He was like our child.

With my love for Bichons I wanted to share this breed with others so I decided to get my first little girl, "Bella". Since Bailey had been neutered, I got "Brice" my newest boy. Shortly thereafter "Brooke" and "Beck".

We then fell in love with "Brandi" our first Maltese,"Bristol" our first Shih-tzu,and "Bryley" our first Havenese.

So this is how Bailey's Baby B's got started. As you see they all have (B) names.

But on one very sad day we were at our cottages, Greenbrier River Retreat and of course Bailey was with us as always. He saw another dog, mother and her 2 children walking up the road. Eager to visit them, he ran up the bank and was struck by oncoming traffic. My husband ran as hard as he could to get him and picked him up, Bailey licked his arm and before I could get to him he was gone. We were devistated, our baby was gone, and there was nothing we could do. 

I was so hurt. But I know that Bailey would want me to share his Love with others by continuing on with what he thought was his baby's. He loved all people and all dogs, excpecialy his (what he thought was his babys).
So I hope to some day share a Baileys Puppy with you!

Thank You, 
Bernetta Sams

Bailey swimming in the river at Greenbrier River Retreat
Bailey hanging out in the spa at the Greenbrier Resort
Bailey as a puppy
Bailey always slept with his paw in his mouth!